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Jazz Has the Potential to Inspire!

In today's Jazz climate, it's not enough to present Jazz. People are looking for inspiration. What is the use if a Jazz musician is displaying immense technical prowess if he/she is not inspiring. 

Jazz needs to not only be an artform that people can hear; but more importantly, Jazz needs to be fun; Jazz needs to be a celebration; Jazz needs to be entertaining; Jazz needs to be interactive; Jazz needs to inspire!

Another very important component of Jazz that has greater potential to inspire even beyond the audio and often not taken into consideration by musicians and/or presenters is the visuality of Jazz. How can Jazz visually inspire an individual? If I'm a musician, how can I present this artform in a way that is visually inspiring? If you're a presenter, how can I create an environment that would visually inspire an individual?

Why does Jazz need to inspire?? 

Because Jazz is not just for fans of this artform. Jazz can potentially attract all kinds of people. Because when you have people that are inspired by Jazz, that individual is more likely to embrace Jazz's musical language as well as its history. Because inspiration translates to enthusiasm for the artform. And that is how you build a network of Jazz fans inspiring one person at a time. br

Invest in the future of Jazz!

The Jazzonian initiatives will touch every corner of our community: bringing Jazz to many children and adults, especially underserved neighborhoods; thereby, enhancing the quality of life in our community, as well as making a significant contribution to the cultural landscape of South Florida.

In-kind items and services also accepted. We are currently interested in donations in the form of various (new or used) musical instruments to be part of the Jazzonian multimedia exhibition--including: saxophone, acoustic bass, trap drumset, timbales, congas, trumpet, guitar, trombone, steel pan drum. Also, Jazz CDs and/or phonograph records.

Make a tax-deductable donation to JAZZONIAN. Invest in the future of Jazz! Click here!

Letter from the Founder and President of Jazzonian: Bobby Ramirez

A New Creative Way to Experience Jazz!
Jazzonian is pleased to announce its new innovative education program called TOUCH JAZZ.

The Art of Jazz Inspired Greatness!
It was a final night of amazing Jazz sounds as well as sponsor appreciation featuring the champion #1 high school band in the country, winner of the Essentially Ellington competition: Dillard Center for the Arts Jazz Ensemble.

2011 JAZZONIAN Legacy Awards
And the winners are: Ed Bell (WLRN), Lifetime Achievement; Phyllis Fee, Jazz Benefactor; and James Chism, Jazz Volunteer.


JAZZONIAN Traveling Exhibit
As part of our commitment to inspire, educate, and bring people together, JAZZONIAN is available as a traveling exhibit to local community schools, institutions and organizations seeking to create more awareness of Jazz while celebrating the rich history of this unique American art form. If you would like JAZZONIAN to be part of your special event, contact Bobby Ramirez, info@jazzonian.org



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