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Bobby Ramirez - Why Am I Here?

Founder and President of JAZZONIAN, Bobby Ramirez(8-30-2011)
Dear friends of Jazzonian:

For a long time I’ve been conceptualizing the mindset of what my place is in terms of Jazzonian. Because I have to know my place before I can inspire people to come along.

Why is Jazzonian here? Why am I here?

Because it starts with people and ends with people. To inspire, educate, and bring people together. Celebrate Jazz heritage. Because Jazz inspire leadership and exceptionalism which is very important for young people to know.
Because I want to do some service for Jazz. Because I want people to experience the joy of Jazz as I do.
Because achieving the goal of establishing a Jazz museum in this area is something unique and creative.
Because I want to make a positive difference in people's lives.
Because I love history, art and photography?
Because I can be part of something that is greater than myself. As part of Jazzonian, I can help empower and inspire the next generation of jazz musicians to become exceptional leaders.
Because I want to help young people discover the great personal value and satisfaction of community service.
Because I want to make a meaningful contribution to the legacy of Jazz. Because I want to be part of an institution that celebrates Jazz 365 days a year. Because I want to help create more performance opportunities for Jazz musicians. Because I care deeply about preserving and advancing the legacy of Jazz.
Because I deeply enjoy promoting the appreciation for Jazz as America’s most original and unique artform.
Because my mission in life is to empower and inspire everyone around me.
Because Jazz has the potential to inspire all kinds of people.
Because Jazz conveys a sense of humility, empathy, hope, and freedom.

Bobby Ramirez
Founder and President
Jazz Museum of Florida, Inc - JAZZONIAN

Please feel free to submit any suggestions, comments, or express any constructive criticism on how we can make it better. Your input is very much appreciated.

Letter from the Founder and President - (7-27-2011)






South Florida Jazz Summit

South Florida Jazz Festival Celebrating Jazz Appreciation Month in April


"I am" short film presentation premiered at the 2nd Annual South Florida Jazz Summit. Watch it and be inspired.

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Attention Pro Jazz Musicians:
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Jazzonian Education Ambassador
Become a Jazzonian Ambassador of Jazz Education

The Art of Jazz Inspired Greatness!
It was a final night of amazing Jazz sounds as well as sponsor appreciation featuring the champion #1 high school band in the country, winner of the Essentially Ellington competition: Dillard Center for the Arts Jazz Ensemble.

A New Creative Way to Experience Jazz!
Jazzonian is pleased to announce its new innovative education program called TOUCH JAZZ.

2011 JAZZONIAN Legacy Awards
And the winners are: Ed Bell (WLRN), Lifetime Achievement; Phyllis Fee, Jazz Benefactor; and James Chism, Jazz Volunteer.


JAZZONIAN Traveling Exhibit
As part of our commitment to inspire, educate, and bring people together, JAZZONIAN is available as a traveling exhibit to local community schools, institutions and organizations seeking to create more awareness of Jazz while celebrating the rich history of this unique American art form. If you would like JAZZONIAN to be part of your special event, contact Bobby Ramirez, info@jazzonian.org



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